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It's A Living (or: School Prizes)

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Снят: 10.09.1970
Эфир: 03.11.1970
Recorded: 10.09.1970
Aired: 03.11.1970
  • "It's a Living"
  • The Time on BBC 1
  • School Prize-Giving
  • "if…" – a film by Mr Dibley
  • "Rear Window" – a film by Mr Dibley
  • "Finian's Rainbow" (starring the man from the off-licence)
  • The Foreign Secretary and Other News
  • Free Dung from the "Book of the Month" Club
  • Dead Indian
  • Timmy Williams interview
  • Raymond Luxury Yacht (Throat Wobbler Mangrove interview)
  • Marriage Registry office
  • Election Night Special