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Royal Episode 13 (or: The Queen Will Be Watching)

Выберите язык: Русский English
Снят: 16.10.1970
Эфир: 22.12.1970
Recorded: 16.10.1970
Aired: 22.12.1970
  • The Queen Will Be Watching
  • Coal Mine in Llandarogh Carmarthen
  • The Man Who Says Things in a Very Roundabout Way
  • The Man Who Speaks Only the Ends of Words
  • The Man Who Speaks Only the Beginnings of Words
  • The Man Who Speaks Only the Middles of Words
  • Commercials
  • How to Feed a Goldfish
  • The Man Who Collects Birdwatcher's Eggs
  • Insurance Sketch
  • Hospital Run by RSM
  • Exploding Version of "The Blue Danube"
  • Girls Boarding School
  • Submarine
  • A Man with a Stoat Through His Head
  • Lifeboat (cannibalism)
  • Undertaker's sketch