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Monty Python Sings

Monty Python Sings
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Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (3:33)
Sit on My Face (0:45)
Lumberjack Song (3:20)
Penis Song (Not the Noel Coward Song) (0:41)
Oliver Cromwell (4:10)
Money Song (0:52)
Accountancy Shanty (1:16)
Finland (2:01)
Medical Love Song (3:31)
I'm So Worried (2:57)
Every Sperm Is Sacred (4:34)
Never Be Rude to an Arab (1:00)
I Like Chinese (3:10)
Eric the Half-a-Bee (2:06)
Brian Song (2:35)
Bruces' Philosophers Song (Bruces' Song) (0:52)
Meaning of Life (2:15)
Knights of the Round Table (1:06)
All Things Dull and Ugly (1:33)
Decomposing Composers (2:48)
Henry Kissinger (1:28)
I've Got Two Legs (0:33)
Christmas in Heaven (2:45)
Galaxy Song (2:41)
Spam Song (0:32)
Продюсер(ы): André Jacquemin, Eric Idle
Лейбл: Virgin
Записан: -
Выпущен: 1989

Сборник. Песня «Oliver Cromwell« никогда ранее не издавалась