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(Music up-- wild applause and cheers from the audience)

Announcer (Michael Palin):

Hello! Hello! Hello! Thank you,thank you. Hello good evening and welcome, to BLACKMAIL! Yes, it's another edition of the game in which you can play with *yourself*. (applause) And to start tonight's show, let's see our first contestant, all the way from Manchester, on the big screen please: MRS. BETTY TEAL!

(applause, which suddenly stops when the clap track tape breaks) 'Ello, Mrs. Teal, lovely to have you on the show. Now Mrs. Teal, if you're looking in tonight, this is for 15 pounds: and is to stop us from revealing the name of your LOVER IN BOLTON!! So, Mrs. Teal, send us 15 pounds, by return of post please, and your husband Trevor, and your lovely children Diane, Janice, and Juliet, need never know the name… of your LOVER IN BOLTON!

(applause; organ music. Shot of the organist, who is stark naked.)

Thank you Onan! And now: a letter, a hotel registration book, and a series of photographs, which could add up to divorce, premature retirement, and possible criminal proceedings for a company director in Bromsgrove. He's a freemason, and a conservative M.P., so that's 3,000 pounds please Mr. S… thank you… to stop us from revealing:

Your name,
The name of the three other people involved,
The youth organization to which they belonged,
and The shop where you bought the equipment!

(organ music)

But right now, yes everyone is the moment you've all been waiting for; it's time for our Stop the Film spots! As you know, the rules are very simple. We have taken a film which contains compromising scenes and unpleasant details which could wreck a man's career. (gasp) But, the victim may 'phone me at any moment, and stop the film. But remember the money increases as the film goes on, so-o-o-o: the longer you leave it, the *more* you have to pay! Tonight, Stop the Film visits the little Thames-side village of Thames Ditton.

(music--announcer's voice over)

Well, here we go, here we go now, let's see…where's our man. Oh yes, there he is behind the tree now…. Mm, boy, this is fun, this is good fun…. He looks respectable, so we should be in for some real…real chucks here…. A member of the government, could be a brain surgeon, they're the worst…. Whoa! Look at the *size* of that…..briefcase. Aah, yes, he's, he's up to the door, rung the doorbell now…. O-oh, who's the little number with the nightie and the whip, eh? Heh-heh. Doesn't look like his mother….could be his sister…. If it is he's in real trouble….

And just look at that, they're upstairs already… whoah, boy, this is fun! A very brave man, our contestant tonight. Who-ho-ho!! This is no Tupperware party! Very brave man, they don't usually get this far… What's--what's that, what's she's doing to his…..is that a CHICKEN up there? No, no, it's just the way she's holding the grapefruit… Whoah, ho ho…

('Phone rings; buzzer goes off; film stops. Applause)

(picking up 'phone)

Hello sir…yes…aha-ha-ha…yes, just in time, sir, that was…what? No, no, sir, it's alright, we don't morally censor, we just want the money. Thank you sir, yes,….what? You…..okay….Thank you for playing the game, sir, very nice indeed, okay….okay, see you tonight, Dad, bye-bye.

Well, that's all from this edition of Blackmail. Join me next week, same time, same channel….Join me, two dogs, and a vicar, when we'll be playing "Pedorasto", the game for all the family. Thank you, thank you, thank you…