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"How to recognise different parts of the body"

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Voice Over (John Cleese): How to recognize different parts of the body.

(Hold long enough to read this new title before the foot comes down, stays in shot long enough for voice aver to say:)

Voice Over: Number one. The foot.

(A little arrow points to the foot simultaneously. Cut to picture of Venus de Milo (top half). Superimposed little white arrow pointing to shoulder.)

Voice Over: Number two. The shoulder.

(Cut to picture of a foot cut off at the ankle. Cigarettes are parked in the top Superimposed arrow.)

Voice Over: And number three. The other foot.

(Cut to profile picture of strange person (Terry Gilliam) Superimposed arrow pointing to bridge of nose.)

Voice Over: Number four. The bridge of the nose.

(Cut to picture, full length, of man wearing polka-dotted Bermuda shorts. arrow superimposed points to shorts.)

Voice Over: Number five. The naughty bits.

(Cut to picture of crooked elbow. Superimposed arrow pointing just above the elbow.)

Voice Over: Number six. Just above the elbow.

(Cut to closer picture of different person in identical Bermuda shorts. Superimposed arrow pointing to top of groin.)

Voice Over: Number seven. Two inches to the right of a very naughty bit indeed.

(Cut to close-up of a real knee. Arrow superimposed painting to knee.)

Voice Over: Number eight. The kneecap.

(Pull back to reveal the knee belongs to 'Bruce', an Australian in full Australian outback gear.)