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Letters to "Daily Mirror"

Русский English Magyar

В ролях:

Первый голос за кадром
Эрик Айдл
Второй голос за кадром
Джон Клиз
Третий голос за кадром
Грэхэм Чепмен
Четвёртый голос за кадром
Майкл Пейлин
Пятый голос за кадром
Терри Джонс


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The cast:

First Voice Over
Eric Idle
Second Voice Over
John Cleese
Third Voice Over
Graham Chapman
Fourth Voice Over
Michael Palin
Fifth Voice Over
Terry Jones


(Cut to angry letters.)

Voice Over 1: (reads) Dear Mirror View, I would like to be paid five guineas for saying something stupid about a television show. Yours sincerely, Mrs Sybil Agro.

Voice Over 2: Dear David Jacobs, East Grinstead, Friday. Why should I have to pay sixty-four guineas each year for my television licence when I can buy one for six. Yours sincerely, Captain R. H. Pretty. PS Support Rhodesia, cut motor taxes, save the Argylls, running-in please pass.

Voice Over 3: Dear Old Codgers, some friends of mine and I have formed a consortium, and working with sophisticated drilling equipment, we have discovered extensive nickel deposits off Western Scodand. The Cincinnatti Mining Company.

Voices Over 1: Good for you, ma'am.

Voice Over 4: Dear Old Codgers, I am President of the United States of America, Yours truly, R. M. Nixon.

Voices Over 2: Phew! Bet that's a job and a half, ma'am.

Voice Over 5: Dear Sir, I am over three thousand years old and would like to see any scene with two people in bed.

Voices Over 3: Bet that's a link ma'am.