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Falling from Building

Русский English Magyar

В ролях:

First Man
Эрик Айдл
Second Man
Джон Клиз
Голос за кадром
Грэхэм Чепмен


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The cast:

First Man
Eric Idle
Second Man
John Cleese
Voice Over
Graham Chapman


(Two people seated opposite each other at a desk. Between them there is a large window. It appears that they are quite high up in a large office building. Every so often a body falls past the window. They are both working busily. After a pause a body drops past the window. First Man talks. Second Man hasn't noticed.)

First Man: Hey, did you see that?

Second Man: Uhm?

First Man: Did you see somebody go past the window?

Second Man: What?

First Man: Somebody just went past the window. That way. (indicates down)

Second Man: (flatly) Oh. Oh.

(Second Man returns to his work. First Man looks for a little. As he starts to work again another body goes hunling past the window.)

First Man: Another one.

Second Man: Huh?

First Man: Another one just went past downwards.

Second Man: What?

First Man: Two people have just fallen out of that window to their almost certain death.

Second Man: Fine, fine. Fine.

First Man: Look! Two people (another falls) three people have just fallen past that window.

Second Man: Must be a board meeting.

First Man: Oh yeah. (another falls past) Hey. That was Wilkins of finance.

Second Man: Oh, no, that was Robertson.

First Man: Wilkins.

Second Man: Robertson.

First Man: Wilkins.

Second Man: Robertson.

(Another falls.)

First Man: That was Wilkins.

Second Man: That was Wilkins. He was a good, good, er, golfer, Wilkins.

First Man: Very good golfer. Very good golfer. Rotten at finance. It'll be Parkinson next.

Second Man: Bet you it won't.

First Man: How much.

Second Man: What?

First Man: How much do you bet it won't? Fiver?

Second Man: All right.

First Man: Done.

Second Man: You're on.

First Man: Fine. (shakes; they look at the window) Come on Parky.

Second Man: Don't do it Parky.

First Man: Come on Parky. Jump Parky. Jump.

Second Man: Come on now be sensible Parky.

(Cut to letter.)

Voice Over: Dear Sir, I am writing to complain about that sketch about people failing out of a high building. I have worked all my life in such a building and have never once.

(Cut to film of man falling out of window. Cut back to set. First Man has hands in the air jubilantly.)

First Man: Parkinson!

Second Man: Johnson!