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Silly Doctor Sketch (immediately abandoned)

Русский English Magyar


Текст скетча переводится, зайдите попозже!

The cast:

Michael Palin
Graham Chapman


(Cut to the two waiting. On the sound of a referee's whistle they start acting.)

Doctor: Next please. Name?

Watson: Er, Watson.

Doctor: (writing it down) Mr Watson.

Watson: Ah, no, Doctor.

Doctor: Ah, Mr Doctor.

Watson: No, not Mr, Doctor.

Doctor: Oh, Doctor, Doctor.

Watson: No, Doctor Watson.

Doctor: Oh, Doctor Watson Doctor.

Watson: Oh, just call me darling.

Doctor: Hello, Mr Darling.

Watson: No, Doctor.

Doctor: Hello Doctor Darling.

(Sound of whistle. Instant cut to caption on screen: 'THAT SKETCH HAS BEEN ABANDONED')