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"When Does A Dream Begin?" (song)

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Music comes in underneath: 'When does a dream begin'. Mix to a young airman on an airfield gazing into a WAAF's eyes. Black and white, soft focus and scratched film to look like a not very good print of a 40s film. Airman sings. Airman (Neil Innes)

When does a dream begin?
Does it start with a goodnight kiss?
Is it conceived or simply achieved
When does a dream begin?
Is it born in a moment of bliss?
Or is it begun when two hearts are one
When does a dream exist?
The vision of you appears somehow
Impossible to resist
But I'm not imagining seeing you
For who could have dreamed of this?
When does a dream begin?
When reality is dismissed?
Or does it commence when we lose all pretence
When does a dream begin?

(Mix sound to end of signature tune.  Halfway through the song the credits roll superimposed. They read;)

Monty Python (social class 9)
was performed by
Graham Chapman
Terry Gilliam
Eric Idle
Terry Jones
Michael Palin (social class 2, Arsenal 0)
Conceived and written by
Graham Chapman
John Cleese
Terry Gilliam
Eric Idle
Neil Innes
Terry Jones
Michael Palin (social class Derry and Toms)
Also appearing
Carol Cleveland
Bob R. Raymond
Marion Mould (social class 47 actors)
`When Does a Dream Begin' by Neil Innes (social class 137 musicians)
Variations on the theme by Bill McGuffie (social class 137a other musicians)
Maggie Weston (social class 5 till midnight)
Andrew Rose (social class 35 28 34)
Film Cameraman
Stan Speel (social class f8 at 25th sec.)
Sound Recordist
Ron Blight (social class unrecordable)
Film Editor
Bob Dearberg (social class Lower 6th) (Mr Potter's)
Mike Jones (social class slightly above the Queen)
Jimmy Purdie (social class a bottle of Bell's)
Visual Effects
John Horton (social class ant)
Production Assistant
Brian Jones (social but no class)
Robert Berk (no social class at all)
Produced by
Ian MacNaughton (social class 238-470 Scotsman)
BBC Colour (by permission of Sir K. Joseph)