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Interview in Filing Cabinet / "Yummy Yummy" / Monty Python's Flying Circus again in Thirty Seconds

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The cast:

Michael Palin
Mr. Grayson
Terry Jones
Voice Over
Eric Idle


(pull out to reveal that he is talking to a five-foot-high filing cabinet)

Presenter:: first of all congratulations on the victory.

Mr Grayson: (from inside filing cabinet) Thank you, David.

Presenter: It should send you back to Blighty with a big lead.

Mr Grayson: Oh yes, well we're fairly confident, David.

Presenter: Well at the moment, Ludovic, you're crouching down inside a filing cabinet.

Mr Grayson: Yes that's right, David, I'm trying not to be seen.

Presenter: I see. Is this through fear?

Mr Grayson: Oh no, no, it's common sense really. If they can't see you, they can't get you.

Presenter: Ha, ha, ha, but of course they can still hear you. (the filing cabinet explodes) Ludovic Grayson, thank you very much for coming on the programme tonight. And we end the show with music. And here with their very latest recording 'Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, I've got love in my tummy' Jackie Charlton and the Tonettes.

(Cut to a trendy pop-music set with coloured lights, etc. On the main podium is a large packing crate with a microphone in front of it. The backing vocal is by three more packing crates with microphones. The instrumental group are also in crates. We hear the above mentioned pop song. Roll credits ova; Fade out. Cut to BBC 1 caption.)

Voice Over: For those of you who may have just missed 'Money Python's Flying Circus', here it is again.

(Entire show is recapped in a series of flash clips lasting about twenty seconds.)