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Credits roll over four screens of naughty bedroom activity to the 'Grandstand' signature tune.

a BBC inside broadcast
conceived written and performed by
Michael Palin and Mrs. Cleese
Eric Idle and Mrs. Palin
John Cleese and Mrs. Jones
Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones and Mrs. Idle
Graham Chapman and Mr. Sherlock
also appearing
Carol Cleveland and Mr. and Mrs and Mrs. Zambesi
Caron Gardner and Mrs A.
make-up by Miss Gaffney and Mr. Last
costumes Hazel Pethig and Mr. Clarke
graphics by Bob Blagden and `Naughty' Rosy
animations by

Terry Gilliam
Rabbi Colquhoun
film cameraman Alan Featherstone and Miss Weston
film editor Mr. Ray Millichope and his Orchestra
sound Richard Chubb and Mrs. Lighting
lighting Bill Bailey and Mr. Sound
choreography by Jean Clarke and an unnamed man in Esher
designed by Chris Thompson and Mrs. Armstrong-Jones
produced by Ian MacNaughton and `Dickie'
a BBC TV and Mrs. Thames production
© BBC 1972

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